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Velux Skylights & Roof Windows Suppliers in Perth, WA

Calidad is an authorised supplier and installer of Velux skylights and roof windows in Perth, WA. Get more natural light and enjoy a healthy & comfortable inner space without increasing your power bill by installing our natural lighting solutions.

Perth receives more than 10 hours of sunlight on average per day throughout the year, so why not use beautiful, natural light to brighten up your inner space while blocking the harmful UV rays?

Thousands of residential and commercial property owners in Western Australia leverage the power of the sun by installing Velux skylights, blinds and roof windows into their buildings.

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Velux Range of Products

Blockout or Honeycomb Blinds

Aesthetically stunning and efficient Blockout and Honeycomb blinds make it easier for you to block the entry of sunlight whenever you want to. From total 100% blockout to 95% blockout with Honeycomb blinds, both blinds complement interior decor and cater to individual preferences.

Dual Action Roof Window (GHL) and Centre Pivot (GGL)

Velux Dual Action Roof Window GHL and Centre-Pivot GGL roof windows are designed for within reach applications such as attic situations.

Insect screen available as an extra. Available in 5 sizes with double glazing as a standard feature.

Flashing for corrugated iron or tile roofs.

Velux Flat Roof Skylight (FCM)

Velux Flat Roof Skylight/Roof Window features an all-metal exterior frame. It is a non-opening product that blocks UV rays and heat buildup. Available in 10 sizes and heavy-gauge aluminum frame can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Requires a custom-made flashing.

Velux Fixed Skylights (FS)

Velux Fixed Skylights feature energy-efficient glazing & blinds to ensure heat transfer is minimised. Available in 9 sizes and blocks approx 75% of the radiant heat. Suitable for hallways, stairwells and closed-in dark spaces. An economical alternative, it sits lower in the roof to fill inner space with abundant natural daylight.

Flashing for corrugated iron or tile roofs.


Velux Manual Openable Skylight (VS)

Velux Manual Openable Roof Window is operated by a base handle for within reach situations, or by rod for out of reach applications. Offers the comfort and energy savings of bright, beautiful sunlight & natural ventilation.

Flashing for corrugated iron or tile roofs.


Velux Solar Openable Skylight (VSS)

Velux Solar Openable Skylight features a solar panel to capture daylight and recharge a highly efficient, concealed battery-powered operator and control system. Wireless installation. No electrician required. Rain sensor and insect screen standard with high performance double glazing. Provides abundant daylight and controllable ventilation. Available in 9 sizes. Flashing for corrugated iron or tile roofs.


Velux Electric Openable Skylight (VSE)

Enjoy abundant daylight and the convenience of operating Velux Electric Openable skylight with a pre-installed electric motor and remote-control system. Built-in rain sensors automatically close the skylight once rain is detected. Smooth, low profile does not obstruct the roofline. Simple to install, 2 metre lead supplied plugs to power point. Available in 9 sizes.

Flashing for corrugated iron or tile roofs.

Calidad Industries also provide installation and repair services for residential and commercial buildings at affordable rates.

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