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Greenvent Under Eave VentGreenvent Under Eave Vent

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At Calidad we have two types of high quality eave vents designed to work in conjunction with roof vents to allow cool, fresh air to be drawn into the roof space. The air drawn in from outside helps to improve the cross flow ventilation and help the roof mounted vents to work more effectively and efficiently.

The Polyeave Vent can be used in most homes with adequate eave space. Manufactured from temperature stable ABS polymers, the small inlet holes prevent most insects from entering the roof space but allow airflow into the roof space to improve cross flow ventilation with roof vents.

The Green – Vent Under Eave Vent comes in two types. The standard white aluminium with insect mesh is designed for metro area homes/buildings where bushfire is not a threat. The Green – Vent Under Eave vent with stainless steel mesh is designed for homes/buildings in bushfire prone areas and meets the requirements of AS 3959-2009. It is suitable for use in bush fire zones up to BAL-40. The Aluminium Eave vent with stainless steel mesh is an effective and safe vent to use in combination with the Maestro BAL bush fire rated powered vent.


  • Installed in the eaves of a home or building to provide fresh, cooler air into the roof space
  • The Polyeave Vent is suitable for most homes but not in bushfire areas
  • The Green-Vent Under Eave Vent with stainless steel mesh is compliant with AS3959-2009 for all BAL bush fire zones
  • Residential homes and commercial/public buildings


  • Polyeave: Polymer based (plastic) eave vent
  • Green-Vent Under Eave: Aluminium frame and stainless steel mesh
  • Both available in white


  • Both vents provide an inflow of cool, fresh air into the roof space
  • They help to improve the cross flow ventilation through the roof space in conjunction with roof mounted extraction vents
  • The cross flow ventilation removes excess heat from and manages condensation in roof spaces
  • Suitable for eaves on most roofs with enough space for installation


Polyeave Vent

  • ASA polymer
  • Length: 418mm. Width: 220mm
  • Weight: 0.17 kg

Green-Vent Under Eave Vent

  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Mesh: stainless steel 2mm x 2mm
  • Powder coated white
  • Overall size of 400mm x 200mm with a hole opening of 370mm x 170mm

Polyeave Vent

Polyeave Vent

Green –Vent Under Eave Vent

Green Vent Under Eave Vent