TurboBeam (Clear Turbine Ventilator)

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TURBOBEAM is the first turbine ventilator to provide roof space ventilation and enable natural light to enter the attic pace.

These dual features provide the following benefits for homeowners:

1. Better summer comfort. TURBOBEAM removes very hot air from the attic space enabling it to be replaced by cooler, ambient air. This effect is particularly pronounced at night. The result is reduced
roof space temperatures and less radiation of heat into the home.

2. Illumination of the attic space. TURBOBEAM uses a clear, acrylic turbine head and a highly reflective aluminium throat. This enables sunlight to be captured and focussed into the attic space. The sun drenched attic space assists visibility and creates an environment unconducive to termites.


TURBOBEAM combines Edmonds’ unique vertical vane technology with clear polymers to create a major advance in roof turbines.

  1. The technology leader. Sturdy acrylic construction with UV inhibitors, vertical vanes and permanently lubricated stainless steel bearings ensure long life and efficient operation.
  2. Attractive design. Its smooth, aerodynamic profile with translucent features complements almost any home.
  3. Acts as a skylight. The clear turbine head enables light to illuminate the roof space. This assists use of the roof space for storage and is particularly valuable for attic rooms.
  4. Extremely cool in summer. The vertical vane design provides TURBOBEAM with efficient air discharge attributes thereby providing superior cooling in summer.
  5. Withstands severe wind and rain. In independent laboratory trials, the TURBOBEAM vent design withstood wind velocities of 240km/hr and satisfied the international Rain Dynamic Penetration Test.
  6. Fits all roof types. TURBOBEAM’s “Vari-pitch” base and flexible flashing fits any roof type from zero to 45°.



  • Top:        ASA Plastic
  • Support Ring:    Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Shaft:        Aluminium
  • Varipitch:    Aluminium
  • Flashing:    500x500x0.7mm soft aluminium


  • Twin 608ZZ ball bearings (440 stainless steel)


  • Top:        1.2kg
  • Varipitch:  0.3kg
  • Flashing:  0.4kg
  • Total:      1.9kg


  • 205.2km/h (57m/s) – Performance level 1
  • (As per AS 4740:2000 Natural ventilators-Classification and performance)


  • Size  +/- 3mm
  • Weight  +/- 0.1kg

The TurboBeam Warranty

Edmonds Products (Aust.) warrants this product for ten years against mechanical failure. For full details see warranty enclosed with the product.