Edmonds OdysseyEdmonds Odyssey
Edmonds OdysseyEdmonds Odyssey
Edmonds OdysseyEdmonds Odyssey
Edmonds OdysseyEdmonds Odyssey

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A smart air exchange system providing cooler fresher air in summer and warmer outside air in winter, with condensation management and healthier air quality.

Odyssey is an automated, smart air exchange system that provides a more comfortable and healthier environment throughout the home.

The system provides cooler, fresher air on hot, stifling summer days and a more comfortable night’s sleep. It removes the heat build-up from inside walls and floors during the day and reduces wasted energy consumption if used in conjunction with an air conditioning system.

In the cooler months, warmer outside air can be brought into cold, damp rooms in the home. Humidity sensors monitor and manage moisture levels to reduce potentially damaging condensation in the roof space all year round.
A manual BOOST function allows the homeowner to manually use the system as required, especially when getting rid of odors in the home.

Poor air quality in the home can affect those with breathing problems. The partnership with Sensitive Choice endorses the Odyssey system in terms of its ability to reduce the impact on those suffering from asthma and allergies.


  • Suitable for most homes with sufficient roof space to install the system
  • Reduction of heat in roof spaces and living areas
  • Management of moisture and condensation in roof spaces
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs and most roof colours
  • Residential homes and commercial/public buildings
  • Can be used with the Sonair air filtration system when outside air quality is poor and has potential health related issues


  • High quality roof top ventilation head
  • Ducting and ceiling grille
  • Internal and external sensors.
  • Multi-functional touch screen control panel
  • Four colours
  • Five year warranty


  • Reduction of heat levels in roof spaces and living areas
  • Gentle flow of fresh air through the home
  • A more comfortable night sleep
  • Management of damaging moisture, condensation and harmful mould in roof spaces
  • Reduces impact on those with asthma and allergies
  • Gets rid of odours in the home
  • Easy to use touch screen panel – set and forget
  • Track temperature data going back six months
  • Peace of mind with the CSR Edmonds five year warranty


  • Hybrid (natural and powered) backward curved centrifugal
  • Housing and rotor: Plastic (ASA & PPS-GF40): 9.21kg
  • Flashing and collar: powder coated soft aluminium
  • Two way, two position diverter valve and controller: 2.97kg
  • Ducting: 400mm X 2m
  • Magnetically removable ASA plastic grille and grille frame: 400mm diameter. 1.06kg
  • 8.9cm (3.5c”) colour touch screen panel
  • 15m interface cable
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensors
  • Motor voltage: 240 VAC 50 Hz
  • Throat diameter: 400mm
  • Flow rate: 2100 m3/hr
  • Total weight: 9.21kg


  • Duct extension kit
  • Collar extension
  • Temperature sensor shield
  • 25m cable
  • Sonair air filtration system


Odessey Daytime Op
Daytime Operation:

during the day, when external temperatures are higher than inside home, the Odyssey works in roof cool mode to exhaust the hot air from your roof space.

odyssey evening

Evening Operation:
when the outside temperature falls below that of the inside, the Odyssey automatically switches to indoor cool mode to efficiently remove the heat from your space.

odyssey overnight

Overnight Operation: Odyssey continues to work throughout the night to cool down the walls and floors of your home which would otherwise continue to radiate the stored heat.