Maestro BAL

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Smart roof ventilator with bush fire rating up to BAL-40. Removal of roof space heat and the management of moisture and damaging condensation.

Maestro BAL is a powerful mechanically driven ventilator that continuously and reliably improves the comfort and health of your home all year round. In addition, Maestro BAL is assessed by the CSIRO to be compliant with the fire rating requirements of AS3959-2009 up to BAL-40.
The high quality aluminium based ventilator provides four speed settings (automatic, low, medium and high) to manage excess heat and damp in the roof space, providing a more comfortable and healthier home, while complying with a ventilator required for a bush fire area..
One Maestro BAL is equivalent to six wind driven vents and can be used on a continuous and reliable basis, without reliance on the wind.
The quiet motor and low cost to run make this ventilator a valuable addition to the comfort level in your home. In addition, the Edmonds partnership with Sensitive Choice (National Asthma Council) shows the support for Maestro BAL as a provider of better quality air, especially for those suffering from asthma and allergies.


  • Rated to BAL-40 (AS3959-2009)
  • Stainless Steel ember guard
  • Maximum flow rate of 596m3/hr
  • Pre-set automatic temperature controlled variable speed setting or three preset fixed speed settings
  • Can be fitted with ducting and a ceiling grille in specific rooms in the home (not supplied with Maestro BAL)
  • Aluminium construction in eight colours
  • High efficiency 24V DC motor
  • Two year warranty on the body and motor, and one year on the power pack and speed controller


  • Ideal for homes in bushfire rated areas
  • Prevents against burning embers entering the roof
  • Effective ventilation in most climates
  • Removes heat load in warm months and reduces condensation in the roof space in cool months
  • With ducting and a ceiling grille, moisture can be removed from rooms, like bathrooms and laundries
  • Complements most metal or tile roofs
  • Quiet operation, low running costs and reduced energy usage
  • Improves air quality