Green Vent Wind

How does Green-vent Wind actually work?
Green-vent Wind utilizes the renewable energy of the Wind to create a positive
flow through the ventilator. Even the slightest wind speeds will cause the head
to spin. An area of low pressure is created on the leeward side of the Green-vent
Wind and the air drawn out between the vanes on the head of the ventilator
feed this low pressure zone.
This process allows for a continuous air flow through the Green-vent Wind. The centripetal forces created by the
rotation of the Green-vent Wind will expel the air outwards from the edge of the vanes and this hot and stale air
is replaced by cooler and fresh air from outside the building. Thermal currents and temperature differentials will
also allow the ventilation process to occur with Green-vent, even with no wind.