Green-Vent Attic Solar Extraction Fan

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Reduce your energy costs – no electricity.

Temperatures inside your roof/attic space can exceed 70C (1070F). This increases the temperature of your air-con ducting, meaning the air-con has to work much harder to deliver you the same result. This equates to extra energy costs. Green-vent Solar uses no electricity itself and reduces the temperature – thus reducing costs.

Fully Adjustable solar panel – tilts and rotates.

The Green-Vent Solar Panel can be tilted and/or rotated to ensure it is getting the maximum available Sunlight. In the Northern Hemisphere point the panel South, in the Southern Hemisphere point it North. To help, we have included a compass.

Guaranteed Performance – no wind required.

Wind driven ventilators might be effective – provided you have enough wind to turn them. The Green-Vent Solar will perform when you need it to – every time!

Optional Thermostat included.

Suitable for area where mold and mildew are not an issue in winter, and you want the Green-Vent Solar to turn off when the temperature drops below 18C. The thermostat is factory fitted and can easily be bypassed by the installer if not required.

Keep your house cool in summer.

On a hot summer day, heat builds up inside your roof/attic space and works its way through your ceiling and into the house. Prevent the heat from ever building up, by removing the warming air with the Green-Vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan.

Reduce your mold and mildew in winter.

During winter, any moisture trapped inside your roof or attic space will condense in the cooler air resulting in the growth of mold and mildew. Circulating clean fresh air, especially in winter will reduce the occurrences of this and prolong the life of your roof.

Quick and Easy installation – 30 mins or less.

Everything is already assembled and ready to install, so it’s just a simple roof penetration. Adjust the Solar panel to the right orientation and the unit is up and running.

Extremely quiet operation

The Green-Vent Solar includes a high performance 38V motor that generates very little noise. Coupled with the fact the Green-Vent Solar is installed on the roof, in most installations your will never hear it operating.

Visit the Green Vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan product website by clicking here.


  • Fully adjustable solar panel – tilts and rotates.
  • Improved solar panel design.
  • High output motor.
  • High performace lightweight fan blade.
  • Guaranteed performance – no wind required.
  • Optional Thermostat included.
  • Quick and easy installation – 30 minutes or less.
  • Flasing designed to fit any roof type.
  • Extremely quiet operation.

Product Specification

Green-vent Solar
Green-vent Solar
Solar Panel 15 Watts – 36 Cell Polycrystaline 30 Watts Polycrystaline
Throat Size 300mm 350mm
Motor 38V DC Motor
Shroud UV Stabilized Thermoplastic
Flashing 0.55mm (35 Gage) Pressed Steel
Environment Control System Optional Included as Standard

Environment Control System (Optional only for 15W)

The ECS is an automated system for running the fan when the environmental conditions demand it. The ECS runs on the 12V power of the Solar Panel, so if there is no sun the ECS will not operate. Alternatively, you can plug the ECS into mains power using a transformer (purchased seperately). The fan will then run on Solar Power when available, and on mains power if the environmental conditions demand it . When running on mains power the fan will run for 8 mins evey half hour.

The settings of the ECS as as follows:

  • Temperature Control: Turns fan ON at 27°C & OFF at 25°C.
  • Humidity Control: Turns fan ON at 75%RH & OFF at 65%RH.