Sunlite Skylights

Sunlight 16Sunlight 16
Suits All Rooft TypesSuits All Rooft Types
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Typical Tile Roof InstallationTypical Tile Roof Installation
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Sunlite Skylights Supplied by CALIDAD Industries

The brand Sunlite are the most popular skylights in Perth and are the architect’s choice! Providing clear and comfortable daylight has never been easier. Natural daylight ensures people working or living in these environments are happier and healthier.

Make an environmentally friendly choice and utilise this renewable energy, reducing the consumption of our environment’s precious resources.

Sunlite Skylights do not compromise on quality, design, materials or structural integrity, adhering strictly to the structural requirements set out by the Australian standards. Tested by time, these skylights are designed to withstand the rigors of use in commercial buildings, and for this reason builders have been using them for over 25 years.

Sunlite SkylightsDownload2Sunlite SkylightsSunlite Skylights

The Sunlite Skylight is made to suit all roof types and is available either vented or non-vented. If you’re looking to increase the ventilation performance, an electric fan can be installed within the skylight. Call us for a quote on Sunlite Skylights.

Sunlite Skylight – the best ventilation system for commercial skylights – proven for over 20 years!