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Sola Skylights supplied by CALIDAD Industries


The Sola Skylight is great for introducing natural daylight into your living areas. Clear, soft and comfortable light will transform your living space revealing the true colours within your home or business. Sunlight will benefit your whole family by keeping them happier and healthier.

The Sola Skylight is a very strong product that will breathe new life into your bathroom, kitchen, living areas, bedrooms or office. With a large range of diffuser styles, dome options, leadlight designs and accessories, Sola Skylights are sure to have a style to suit your home or business.

Skylights can bring additional value to your home, as a bright well lit home is attractive and more saleable. The Sola Skylight is a strong and durable Australian-made product, specifically designed for our local conditions and meeting the Australian standards.

Maybe the bathroom – or perhaps the ensuite or kitchen? Now you can have the best of both worlds with Sola Skylights Easy Change Vent option. The vented Sola Skylight allows steam or hot stale air to escape freely. However, we call it the Easy Change Vent because it can be removed or changed as climate dictates. If more substantial venting is required other options are available. Call us for a quote on Sola Skylights.


Sola Skylights