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Skylights for Homes just got better with Sky Tunnel, your alternative to indoor electric lighting. As the leading installer of skylights in Perth you will have a healthier and greener home. It will transform the dark spaces in your house into a more welcoming and comfortable space by transferring natural daylight into your room and creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

The Sky Tunnel is a Tubular Daylighting Device, or commonly known as a Tubular Skylight. It is made up of 3 major components, roof parts, attic parts & ceiling parts. This allows for the transfer of daylight from above the roof to the interior of buildings, throughout the day. Commonly referred to as light tubes or light pipes, the Sky Tunnel is very efficient in transporting natural light.

Why Choose Sky Tunnel?

Sky Tunnel is fully certified to Australian Standard AS4285 as well as the British Board of Agreement. The Sky Tunnel product combines quality in design, materials, manufacturing, and performance with a commitment to ecological sustainability.

How do Sky Tunnel Skylights Work?

Sky Tunnel Skylights Work

1.    Sunlight enters the Sky Tunnel Dome. The UV stabilized, high impact, acrylic, polycarbonate or glass dome has a very high light transmittance allowing more of light to enter into the tube.

2.    Sunlight is reflected through the Sky Tunnel mirror-like tube. The sunlight then reflects down a highly reflective mirror like tube, connecting the roof to the ceiling. The high reflection of the tube means the performance is still very efficient, even during times when available sunlight is reduced such as early morning, late afternoon and during overcast conditions.

3.    Sky Tunnel Diffuser then evenly disperses the sunlight into the building. The sunlight that has reflected down the tube then passes through two layers of textured acrylic, which have been specifically designed to spread the light evenly around the room. These diffusers also have a very high light transmittance allowing more of light to pass through them whilst reducing any heat impact.

Sky Tunnel Xl Rigid System

For optimum performance Sky Tunnel’s rigid tube system is made using a hard wearing, mirror finished, polished aluminium tube with 98% reflectance.

Sky Tunnel Xl Flexi System

For versatility Recommended for installations where obstructions within the roof prohibit the use of a rigid system.