Lightwell Skylights

CALIDAD Industries provide Lightwell Skylights across Australia.

Lightwell Skylights are a fantastic way to introduce clean, natural light into any home, school or place of work. Reduce your energy bill, improve your quality of life and the value of your building.

When economy counts, a Lightwell Skylight is the answer. Lightwell does not have the special features of our Sky Tunnel Skylight and is priced as a more economical unit. The differences start on the roof, with round injection moulded dome, fastened directly to the Soaker Tray. The Tile Soaker Tray has a standard Acrylead (15kg/m2) and a single gutter system on the gutter tray. The flexi-tube used is the same 4L quality but at ceiling you have a single glazed diffuser with white ABS thermoplastic ceiling frame.

Lightwell Skylights are available in 3 sizes (350mm, 400mm & 500mm) to suit any room or roof type. The Unique “Hi Rise” centre on the soaker tray guards against the possibility of water build-up.

As members of the Skylight Industry Association, CALIDAD Industries know exactly how to get the most from every skylight installed.