Roof Access Hatchways

Roof Access HatchwaysRoof Access Hatchways

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Access Hatchways provide the safest and most convenient entry on to the roof. Calidad Industries hatchways can be locked from the inside using the a double Pad Lockable latch system. Access Hatchways are weather proof when installed on a Roof with a pitch of 0 – 60 degrees, provided the Installation is completed as per the Manufacturers guidelines.

Access Hatchways come with three different Lid types – Steel, Insulated or an acrylic Dome to provide light. The Steel Lid is standard and the most cost effective option. The Insulated Lid will reduce the heat transfer into the building or roof space. The Dome Lid is manufactured using high quality acrylic material, is available in Clear or Opaque and can be made either single or double glazed. The dome Lid is designed to allow natural light to enter through the Access Hatchway acting like a traditional skylight.

Access Hatchways are available as standard in the 6 sizes below. Custom sizes and/or colours may also be available upon request. 


  • Manufactured from 0.75mm Zincalume Sheet Metal
  • Solid continuous hinge running width of hatchway
  • Gas Stays to hold the lid open (care must be taken when opening in strong winds to prevent damage or breakage)
  • Gapseal Foam to seal the lid, preventing movement during heavy winds
  • Pad Lockable latches for security and to prevent the lid blowing open during strong winds.


  • Made to suit any roof type.
  • Available with Steel Lid, Insulated Lid or Dome Lid.


  • 510mm × 820mm
  • 820mm × 820mm
  • 670mm × 670mm
  • 820mm × 1120mm
  • 600mm × 600mm
  • 940mm × 940mm