In’flector Window Insulator

InflectorIn’flector Window Insulator

In’flector Window Insulator

NASA developed the Reflective Foil Radiant Barrier for the rigorous demands of space travel. Now, you can have this breakthrough Radiant Barrier Technology in your home ! In’flector see through radiant barriers for your windows will cut your energy bills by up to 40% and make your home more comfortable.

Cold draughty rooms are no longer a problem. You will be able to use your conservatory or sunroom all year round and still be able to see your garden! No more blinds to cut out the heat from the sun and spoil your view.


  • Reduce heat loss through your window by up to 70%
  • Easy to fit
  • See through
  • Blocks 92% of harmful UV rays
  • Reduce solar gain by 68%
  • Maintains and stabilises room temperatures
  • Creates its own heat from the sun



Winter Benefits


During the winter, your In’Flector Window Insulators are placed so that the platinum side is facing into your home, reflecting the thermal heat back into the building and reducing heat loss through the windows. For windows that have direct exposure to the sun, the black side of the In’Flector faces outward and acts as a passive solar collector, absorbing the suns rays and radiating the heat inward. As an example, a 1.2m X 1.2m window in direct sunlight can produce 2096BTU’s of heat per hour, which is equivalent to a 600-watt electric heater (This reduces heating requirements and saves you money). Meanwhile, the damaging UV rays are reflected back outside.

Summer Benefits


During the summer, your In’Flector Window Insulators are positioned so that the platinum side faces outwards. 72% of the radiant heat is reflected back out through the window, reducing the greenhouse effect in buildings. It also reflects 69% of solar gain back out through the window, reducing overheating in buildings and reflects 92% of damaging UV rays back out through the windows, reducing fading & sun damage. It controls glare, which is especially for computers & televisions, provides daytime privacywith its one way vision, provides cool day lighting with a view and reducesthe load, wear, & maintenance on HVAC units. It also reduces coolingrequirements which reduces energy consumption, again saving you money.


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