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What Problems Can Poor Ventilation Cause?

Gone are the days of breezy drafts flowing underneath doors and through/around improperly sealed windows – an airtight home is an energy efficient home. However, whilst improvements in airtightness significantly increase energy efficiency, proper air circulation is often sacrificed. So, what is the importance of ventilation? Read on to find out some of the issues poor ventilation can cause, and a few simple ways to improve ventilation in your home.

A high humidity environment – the ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew

Poor ventilation can have serious consequences, it can make both us and our homes sick. Without adequate airflow, condensation and humidity can lead to a build-up of mould which not only damages the walls and structure of a home, but it can also make the occupants sick. Mould, and mildew thrive in environments that are moist and high in humidity. Mould and mildew can lead to many serious health issues that can be incredibly damaging to the human respiratory system, circulation, mental faculties and more.

A host of health conditions for occupants of the home

Even more alarming, high levels of humidity affects the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the home and prolonged exposure to these can result in a vast array of health conditions including eczema, asthma, and in extreme cases even cancer. Better air quality will ensure a healthier home environment.

Unpleasant odours around the house

Poor ventilation can result in an environment that is overly damp, and with dampness comes unpleasant musty smells. This wet, damp odour can make your home a very uncomfortable and very unpleasant place to live. Fortunately, with the right ventilation it’s easy to get rid of these smells and have your home feeling fresh and clean once again.

A build-up of harmful toxins

There are many dangerous toxins that can be found within the home, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde emissions, sulphur dioxide, airborne pollutants, and other toxic gases. All of these toxins can have detrimental effects on your health and your home in general. Proper ventilation systems designed for residential applications will reduce and eliminate high levels of harmful toxins so that you can breathe cleaner, fresher air.

Low oxygen levels and stress

It has been shown that houses with inadequate ventilation systems have reduced oxygen levels and this can result in sickness, nausea, mental and physical fatigue, and stress. In many homes across Australia, families may be experiencing these symptoms without realising that installing adequate ventilation is all that is needed to solve the problem.

How to improve ventilation in your home?

There’s no doubting the importance of proper ventilation, but what does that actually mean? What can you do around your home to improve airflow and ensure a healthier home?

  • Bring as much fresh air into your home as possible – you can do this by frequently opening doors and windows.
  • Open multiple doors and windows to allow more fresh air to move inside.
  • Use extraction and exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.
  • Use ceiling fans and portable fans to improve air circulation within bedrooms and living spaces.
  • Install an effective roof ventilation system to cool your roof space down or even ventilate specific areas within the home.
  • Consider using a portable air purifier.

Most newer homes today focus on air tightness as part of their design and incorporate insulation as a key component in providing an energy efficient home. Unfortunately, air tightness and insulation can interfere with effective air circulation and ventilation. Installing an adequate home ventilation system will ensure your home is comfortable and your health is preserved without significantly impacting the energy efficiency of the home.

Calidad Industries is a WA manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly skylights, whirlybirds, extraction fans, and other ventilation products. We have been installing professional ventilation systems for over 25 years, and we pride ourselves on providing high quality, energy efficient solutions at affordable rates. To find out how we can help you, or for more information on our products and services, call us today on 08 9302 6622 or submit an enquiry online now.

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