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Embrace the Light – Exploring Alternatives to Velux Skylights

When it comes to letting natural light into our homes, Velux skylights and sky windows have long been the go-to choice for many homeowners. These roof windows have earned their reputation for quality and innovation over the years, and rightly so. However, the world of skylights and roof windows has expanded, offering a plethora of alternatives that adequately compete with Velux in terms of performance and aesthetics. At Calidad Industries, we have been providing natural lighting solutions to WA homes and businesses for over 25 years. Read on as we explore some great alternatives and shed light on why they are just as good as the renowned Velux brand.

Atlite – A Bright Contender

Atlite is a leading brand in the world of roof windows, and for a good reason. Made in Australia, their skylights are personalised to give you that wow factor. They also produce specialised shapes and opening roof windows to the CodeMark standard. With unmatched attention to detail, bespoke design services, and top-of-the-line products, it’s no wonder that Atlite has become one of most awarded skylight company in Australia. 

Keylite – Revolutionising the Game

Keylite is a stand-out brand that has really made a name for itself by challenging the status quo. With a strong focus on innovation, Keylite has created a range of roof windows that excel in functionality, performance, and aesthetics. What sets these windows apart is their unique integrated thermal collar, which has been engineered to enhance insulation and minimise heat loss. Additionally, their innovative glazing technology provides superior UV protection and noise reduction. With added features like a ventilation system and a hassle-free installation process, Keylite has cemented itself as a true rival to Velux, bringing an alternative to the market that is just as good, if not better!

  • Keylite’s high performance double glazing incorporates an Argon gas filled void and Low E coating to let the maximum light in while blocking 80% of external heat, preventing its transfer through the glass into your home, providing year round comfort.
  • The unique expanding thermal collar is built into the frame of every Keylite skylight and roof window. The collar expands to fill the gap between the frame and the roof timbers, providing an effective insulation barrier against heat loss or gain, depending on the season.
  • By utilizing the latest in materials and manufacturing technology, Keylite locks in lasting performance and gives a 10 year warranty on all skylights.

To find out more of the exceptional features and benefits of Keylite skylights and windows get in touch with the team at CALIDAD today.

Alternatives to Velux May Just Be Perfect For Your Home

While Velux has been a pioneer in the industry, there are several alternatives that stand tall beside it. Our pick of the bunch is definitely Keylite – designed and certified for harsh Australian conditions, the Keylite range has been carefully engineered to let you enjoy the benefits of one of our greatest natural resources – sunlight. Whether you prioritise energy efficiency, aesthetics, or versatility, Keylite offers a high-performance range of skylights and widows that feature superior glazing, thermal collar, and thermal performance. The Keylite slogan is “Better product same price,” and we couldn’t agree more. We are so confident in the design and quality of Keylite products that we always recommend them over the Velux options.

If you are considering roof windows for your home, dare to explore beyond the familiar and embrace the light with an exceptional alternative to Velux. The perfect skylight for your space is waiting to illuminate your world. Reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable team at CALIDAD Industries online or by calling 08 9302 6622 today.

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