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Does Ventilation Reduce Humidity?

If you are dealing with excess humidity in your home, then more serious issues may soon follow. Not only can excess humidity make your home feel hot, sticky, and uncomfortable, but it can also cause damage to your home and …

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Are Skylights Worth It?

What Is A Skylight? A skylight is a light transmitting device which generally have an acrylic or polycarbonate dome and may be round, square or rectangular in shape, but can also be a roof window with a double glazed insulated …

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Does Roof Ventilation Work?

Roof ventilation works very well to regulate both temperature and humidity levels in your roof cavity. It provides several benefits including electricity costs reduction, increased air comfort and longevity of your insulation/roofing timbers. As hot air rises, an unventilated roof …

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Does Ventilation Stop Mould?

What Is Mould? Mould is a type of fungi that flourishes in wet or moist areas. Mould appears as fuzzy dark spots and is commonly black, green or white. There are many different types of mould and they can grow …

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How To Improve Ventilation To Reduce The Risk Of COVID-19?

Why Ventilation Is Important? Australians spend 90% of their time indoors hence why good ventilation is crucial for protecting individuals from moisture, smoke, odours and other pollutants. Indoor ventilation can also help control heat and humidity levels, which is critical …

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