FAQs – Skylights

Does heat come through a skylight?

Some heat may want to come through the skylight because heat and light are directly related. CALIDADs experience indicates there is no appreciable Heat Gain or Loss in normal circumstances. In extreme climates, CALIDAD can provide an opal or double glazed dome to meet BCA requirements.

Can I have ventilation with my skylight?

Yes. The standard Series 3 Sola Skylight, Direct Skylights and Sunlite Skylights hasve the option of passive ventilation. The Series 3 utilises our Interchangable Vent System. For high performance venting a Turbo or Power Kit is available.

“Flat” or “Dished” diffuser: Which one is better?

Curtin University tests show there is no real difference in the way light is spread around your room when using a “flat” or “dished” diffuser. The dished diffuser may look brighter because it protrudes into the room space.

Can I have an electric light in my skylight?

Yes. An Electric Light is available.

Can I turn off daylight/moonlight in a bedroom?

Yes. A Variable Light Control Unit is available.

Does my interior colour scheme affect the performance of my skylight?

Yes it does. Light bright colours will tend to reflect daylight around the room while dark colours will tend to absorb daylight. Adjusting the size or quantity will help to solve this problem

How important is the skylight duct?

Very important as it transmits the outside light into your room. Key factors are the open area of the tubing, and that the tubing should be “shiny” and, in the case of a flexible tube, quite taunt. The tubing, like the shape and size of a skylight is a major factor in transmitting the most efficient light.

What is the best shape/size for a Skylight?

Round skylights provide more light per unit of area, and one of our representatives can recommend the right size skylight to give the best light for the area of concern in your home. A personal preference for a square ceiling from can be achieved by using a conversion box.

What Warranty will my skylight have?

This depends on the particular model purchased. For warranty information, see our catalogue.

How much extra light will a skylight give me?

There is no standard answer because of the variables that affect the performance of any skylight, such as the time of year, time of day, throat size, length of shaft, dome orientation on the roof, room size, wall colours and general décor. Plus general weather & ambient light conditions always affect the end result.

What is the SIAI and AS4284-1995?

The SIAI is the acronym for the Skylight Industry Association of Australia, the industry group setting standards & quality. AS4285-1995 is the Standards Australia code for skylights.This code is set out the structural requirements for skylights. CALIDAD Industries Pty Ltd are founding members of the SIAI and our products have been tested and passed the requirements of AS4285-1995. Looking for the SIAI Approval Sticker is your most reliable guide to proven product quality. More information can be read at www.siai.com.au

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions that aren’t covered here.