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CALIDAD Industries Pty Ltd is a Western Australian manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly skylights, whirlybirds, commercial and industrial ventilators, window insulators, extraction fans and other Energy Efficiency Products.

Established in 1988, we have been providing natural lighting and ventilation solutions to homes and businesses in Perth and across Australia for over 25 years. Our customers include home and business owners, architects, builders, retailers, and installers.


CALIDAD Industries is passionate about providing viable, environmentally friendly building solutions to help make Perth homes and businesses more comfortable and energy efficient. We specialise in providing sustainable solutions, including natural lighting, wind, solar, and powered roof ventilation, as well as insulation products, such as the revolutionary In’Flector!

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, our dedication to customer service, and our ability to deliver cost effective, green energy solutions to Australian homes and businesses.

As a founding member of the Skylight Industry Association Incorporated (SIAI), customers can rest assured that our skylights and ventilation products are manufactured to the very highest industry standards. CALIDAD Industries products are quality assured, approved, and tested to withstand Australia’s harsh environmental conditions.

Why do Builders & Architects choose CALIDAD?

  • We are an Australian innovator in the design and manufacture of eco-friendly lighting and ventilation systems
  • Our products are frequently specified in housing and commercial projects requiring energy efficient solutions, which also create a healthier and more comfortable environment for building occupants
  • We have over 25 years of skylight and ventilation experience
  • Our products reduce energy bills and revitalise living spaces
  • We supply to builders, architects, roof installers, retailers, and homeowners
  • We are committed to promoting a healthy environment

Our energy efficient products include:

  • Sky Tunnel Skylights
  • Sola Skylights
  • Sunlite Skylights
  • Direct Skylights
  • Lightwell Skylights
  • Velux Roof Windows & Skylights
  • Green-Vent Solar Extraction Fans
  • Green-Vent Under Eave Vents
  • Ecopower® Ventilation Systems
  • In’Flector Window Insulators
  • Hurricane™ Wind Turbine Ventilators
  • Industrial & Domestic Ventilators
  • Access Hatches
  • Replacement Parts

Transform dark and dingy spaces into natural light features with a skylight from CALIDAD Industries. You’ll be amazed at the difference a skylight can make. We supply a wide selection of skylights from leading manufacturers, including: Sky Tunnel, Sola, Sunlite, Direct, Lightwell, and Velux. Our experienced team can recommend the most suitable skylight to suit your requirements.

Sky Tunnel Skylights – Australia’s Newest Tubular Day-Lighting Device
Having evolved after more than 20 years of research and development, CALIDAD Industries is proud to introduce Sky Tunnel Skylights – Australia’s best value for money day-lighting solution. This high quality, aesthetically appealing tubular skylight is ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

Wind Turbine Domestic Ventilators – Whirlybirds
The importance of stabilising the conditions within the roof cavity of the home is now being recognised by all home owners and occupants as vitally important for their home comfort and the well-being of the home itself. With the home roof cavity reaching temperatures of 70° – 80° Celsius in summer, excessive heat load is placed on all services contained within the roof, including air conditioning ducts, electrical and plumbing services, as well as roof insulation.

The result of summer heat “overload” within the roof cavity is heat transfer from the roof (via insulation, if installed) through the ceiling and into the house. This causes excessive use of the air conditioning system to try and keep cool, and results in higher energy costs and reduced lifetime for the air conditioning system as it operates under load trying to maintain a constant temperature within the home. Installing roof ventilators along with an effective air exchange source via under eave or gable vents to stabilise the roof cavity, is critical to reducing the heat load on the home and creating a more stable environment, resulting in less energy consumption and a healthier environment for the home and the occupants! An effective roof ventilation system also helps to eliminate the likelihood of mould and mildew occurring during the winter months.

Green-Vent Solar Extraction Fans
More and more Australians are choosing to ventilate their homes with attic extraction fans. Our Green-Vent Extraction Fans reduce energy costs, keep your house cool in summer, and reduce mould and mildew in winter. They feature fully adjustable solar panels, are quick and easy to install and extremely quiet to operate.

Green-Vent Under Eave Vents
Dramatically improve the performance of your roof ventilation products with Green-Vent’s Under-Eave Vents. These products feature large openings between the fins for efficient performance and insect mesh to prevent insects entering the roof through the vent. They are manufactured from pre-coated white aluminium to withstand Australia’s harsh environment and are easy to install.

Ecopower Ventilation Systems
The Ecopower Ventilator is a hybrid roof vent developed to ensure a constant supply of fresh air with minimum energy use. It combines natural ventilation with a high efficiency German electric motor in a single unit to ensure consistent air quality and guaranteed performance when you need it. The Ecopower Ventilation System is ideal for school classrooms, factories, storage facilities, ventilation shafts in multi-storey buildings, auditoriums, indoor sports facilities, and many other applications.

Hurricane Turbine Ventilators
A well designed building ventilation system improves productivity, creates a healthier working environment, and helps reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium, Hurricane Turbine Ventilators are designed to ensure your building has the best ventilation performance with the right air exchange rates to suit the activity being conducted inside the building. Conforming to the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS 4740 (Performance of Natural Ventilators) and AS2428.1 for rain penetration, Hurricane Ventilators lead the industry in terms of guaranteed performance!

In’flector Window Insulators
Now you can have NASA’s radiant barrier technology in your home or workplace. In’flector See-Through Window Insulators can cut energy bills by up to 40% – even the best performing E-glass cannot compete with the performance offered by In’flector. This state-of-the-art window insulation material is the ONLY reversible window insulator that allows you to keep the heat in during winter and the heat out during summer!

CALIDAD Industries is located at Unit 1/40 Inspiration Drive, Wangara. For further information, email sales@calidad.net.au or phone (08) 9302 6622.

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Why You Should Choose Calidad’s Skylight Contractors in Perth & Across WA?

Excellent Service – We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service standard that is next to none in this extremely competitive industry. From receiving your first call or email to installation service, we aim to make you more than satisfied so that we feel successful too! You don’t have to take our word for it! Go through our clients’ testimonials to know more.

Well-established Business – There’s no substitute for industry experience and we have plenty of it. Calidad came into existence in 1988 and we have painstakingly built our reputation through offering high quality ventilation & skylight solutions to residential and commercial customers in Perth and across Western Australia.

Cost-effectiveness – We are committed to offering you the very best in terms of both quality and price backed by industry leading product warranty and support. Manufactured with world-class components, our range of products will deliver top performance for years to come outperforming and outlasting competitor products.

Energy Saving Products – Our natural lighting and ventilation products are manufactured to the very highest industry standards and approved to relevant Australian Standards. By better controlling and stabilizing your indoor environment you will reduce energy bills and provide a healthier living and working environment for your family and employees.


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